I help Healthcare Organizations set a culture where nurses feel valued, trust between managers and staff flourish, leaders prosper, and organizations thrive.

I am a Nurse Career Coach and Advocate with passion and experience rekindling job satisfaction among nurses, bridging the gap between staff nurses and leaders, and improving communication between all levels of healthcare personnel. By obtaining global satisfaction; nursing retention elevates, patient outcomes improve, and financial reimbursements increase.

A call to RetuRN

There is a holistic beauty that lies within the nursing profession and its history. By returning to the roots within the nursing field and practicing a more integrated approach to self-care and the care of the people we serve, burnout can simmer, professional relationships can strengthen, and health can elevate to the fullest wellbeing potential.

Are you ready to answer the call to RetuRN?

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Healthcare Consulting

Through improved communication and advocacy across all levels, I work with organizations to bridge the gap between nurses and leadership, boost morale within the nursing departments, and improve the overall job satisfaction.


I partner with nurses, individually or within groups, to counsel through career choices, discover fluidity between work and life, and cultivate transformation through resilience.

About Christina

Christina has been a Registered Nurse for over 10 years. Working mostly with the oncology population and the critically ill, she has spent her entire career thus far working within the inpatient setting. In 2019 Christina became a Certified Nurse Coach. Adding these new learned skills and experience of her inpatient nursing career, Christina has been able to work on increasing the job and life satisfaction among many nursing colleagues.

“A Peek Into a Nurse’s Soul”

Op-Ed Feature | Utica Observer-Dispatch

“The beauty of nursing is that with every generation we care for, we have the largest impact on elevating this world to its highest well-being potential. So, when we cry out for help, listen. The world depends on us, and we want to be there in the most effective ways we can.“


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