Prior to working with Christina, I felt little joy in work. I lacked motivation to do much outside of work. I was just content. Christina helped me learn a practice of gratitude which, in all honesty, felt very weird in the beginning, but over time I became a happier person more frequently. Christina was always upbeat but never painted a picture that her life was perfect. She made me feel that we are all human and no one is better off than the next, despite appearances.

Because I started to become more positive, eventually I started to discuss my desire to start running again. So I made that a goal and it turned out well. Christina explained the mind/body/soul connection to me and it didn’t make sense until I realized that by working on my happiness, it made me want to make healthier decisions with my physical acitivy. I became more motivated.

I would recommend Christina’s coaching for someone who wants to make changes but may lack 100% motivation. I found Christina to be very motivating and made me feel like, “well why can’t I do it? She’s right”. I would also recommend Christina to someone who could utilize a holistic approach to their care instead of a band-aid approach that is generally offered.