Prior to working with Christina, I felt little joy in work. I lacked motivation to do much outside of work. I was just content. Christina helped me learn a practice of gratitude which, in all honesty, felt very weird in the beginning, but over time I became a happier person more frequently.

Danielle C. (New York)

Prior to working with Christina, I would describe my life as hectic. During the first coaching session I could feel the stress pouring out of me. The strategies discussed have greatly improved my ability to manage what is happening around me and within me.

Erin F. (New York)

Prior to working with Christina, I was in a stressful place in life.I had recently lost my dad and was starting training for a new type of career. I had been the caretaker for both of my parents and had been busy raising my own family. Christina offered me inspiration to set goals and take action steps that inspired and energized me.

She provided a safe and judgement free space to talk, share my emotions and to celebrate my accomplishments. She helped me move forward in health and well-being in all aspects of my life. I am stronger and have clarity about the things I need to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I recommend anyone that is seeking to move towards a change in lifestyle to seek out Christina and experience for yourself all that she has to offer. 

Liz J. (North Carolina)Position